Treasure State Acres Sewer District & Water Users

If you want to get on the Treasure State Acres sewer and water system -- or if you have questions about it -- you can phone secretary/treasurer Robert Much at 442-8543 or email him at rmuch@bresnan.net

This aerial photograph shows the lagoon used by the Treasure State Acres Sewer District to process sewage from the 365 sewer connections in the subdivision. The lagoon is in the center left portion of the photo, while Treasure State Acres is behind it (looking west) and Interstate 15 runs in front of it right to left. Prickly Pear Creek is in the foreground.  The area outlined in black is 20 acres the district purchased in case it ever needs to expands its lagoon capacity. Sewage water in the lagoon is treated with microbes to eat away the sludge, and land around the lagoon is currently irrigated with treated water from it. That is how water is discharged during the summer to prepare for accumulations that take place during the winter months.

TSA drinking water declared safe again

Subdivision residents who get their drinking water from the Treasure State Acres Water Users Association are consuming water that's safe and meets all federal and state requirements, according to the association's annual report for 2021.

"Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water," said Gary Heggeset of Heggeset Water Systems, which oversees the TSA water system. “We want you to understand the effort we make to continually improve the water treatment process and protect our water resources. We are committed to ensuring the quality of our water.”

Heggeset said the water system had no violations in 2021. “We’re proud that your drinking water meets or exceeds all Federal and State requirements,” he added. “We have learned through our monitoring and testing that some constituents have been detected. The EPA has determined that your water IS SAFE at these levels.”

He said TSA has been granted a waiver from testing for asbestos because the district doesn't use asbestos pipe. He added that all sources of drinking water, including bottled water, may be potentially contaminated by naturally occurring constituents such as microbes or inorganic or organic chemicals. 

But the presence of those contaminants doesn't necessarily mean there's a health risk, he said. More information about contaminants and potential health effects can be obtained by calling this EPA hotline: 1-800-426-4791.

The water district provides water to close to 200 homes and businesses in the subdivision. The water comes from two wells on Glacier Drive located on the subdivision's southeastern corner.

To see a copy of the association's annual report, which includes the details of tests of TSA's water in 2021, you can go to this link for the pdf copy of the report.

Anyone who has questions about the report or the water system can contact Heggeset at 439-2421.


The Treasure State Acres  Water Users Association is a private, non-profit water system that provides quality water service to homeowners within the T.S.A. subdivision.  We provide coupon books containing bi-monthly payment coupons books.

Each coupon is labeled with the two-month billing period for which a $30 flat fee is due.  The fee is due the 1st day of the month following the 2-month billing period and is past due on the 15 the of that month (Dec.-Jan. due by Feb. 15,  Feb.-Mar. by Apr. 15th, Apr-May by Jun. 15th and so on).
The Treasure State Acres Sewer District is a Lewis and Clark County public sewer system. The district serves subdivision residences as well as businesses on Montana Avenue adjacent to TSA..

The sewer service fee is presently $35 bi-monthly, payable the 1st of September, November, January, March, May, July. The district provides a coupon book to each homeowner and business in order to make their bi-monthly payments.

If you are new to Treasure State Acres and need coupon books for water or sewer service, or if you have questions about these services, contact district secretary/treasurer Robert Much at 442-8543.

TSA Sewer Financial Condition FY 2016-2017

Total Assets - $1,066,154.70
Total Revenues - $77,429.80

Total Liabilities - $9,965.00
Total Expenses - $30,862.49

TSA Sewer board members:

Mark Peterson – President, phone 443-0275
Neil Sullivan – Vice President, phone 442-9247
Robert Much – Secretary/Treasurer, phone 442-8543
Culver Varnado - board member, phone 431-0293
Walt Anderson – board member, phone 443-3016 

The district has 365 sewer connections, and charges $35 payable every other month beginning with the July-August payment.

TSA Water Financial Condition FY 2016-2017

Total Assets - $400,388.24

Total Revenues - $32,695.51

Total Liabilities - $7,291.00

Total Expenses - $25,329.75

TSA Water Users board members:

Neil Sullivan – President, phone 442-9247

Mark Peterson – Vice President, phone 443-0275
Robert Much – Secretary/Treasurer, phone 442-8543

Walt Anderson – board member, Phone 443-3016

Culver Varnado - board member, phone 431-0293

The district has 195 water connections,  and charges $30 every other month beginning with the June-July payment.

The operator of the water system is Gary Heggeset of Heggeset Water, phone 439-2421, while the operator of the sewer system is Rocky Mountain Operations at 442-2949.