Treasure State Acres sits just north of Helena, Montana's city limits -- and just off Montana Avenue -- and is home to about 350 residences. It is a quiet neighborhood, yet close to Helena's fastest-growing commercial district, which includes Macy's, Target, Super 1, Albertson's, Lowe's, Home Depot and many other retail outlets.

TSA boasts its own sewer and water district, as well as a large park that includes a children's playground.

At Christmas-time, visitors from around the region drive through Treasure State Acres to see the spectacular Christmas lights with which residents have bedecked their homes, and the luminaries they have set along the streets. Another big attraction on Christmas Eve is the Nativity display with live animals at the LDS Church located near the entrance to TSA. People who come to see the display donate thousands of pounds of food to the local food bank.

Treasure State Acres: One of Lewis & Clark County's largest, friendliest subdivisions


Treasure State Acres is home to one of Helena's two major chapels under the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

TSA's park is one of the largest and most used in the county.

Check out our "Reports & Documents" page for the minutes of our last HOA meeting on Oct., 13, 2022 at the West Valley Fire Hall. (Thanks to the folks there for letting us use their meeting room, by the way!)


Now is time to pay your annual TSA dues. Please send a check for $25 to treasurer Terry Atwood, 4230 Wolverine Dr., Helena, MT 59602 (Make out to TSA Homeowners Association). These funds pay such costs as legal expenses & the annual Christmas luminarias display.

We’ve gotten complaints about weeds as well as bushes and shrubs at street intersections. Please keep weeds in your yard under control, and if you are pruning in your yard, pare back any shrubs or bushes you have that may block the vision of motorists on street intersections. Our covenants require it.

The Fourth of July holiday is almost here, meaning lots of fireworks and the fun – and headaches/complaints -- that come in their wake. County rules allow fireworks in county parks such as the TSA park between the hours of 8 a.m. and 1 a.m. from July 2 to July 6.

Violations of the county ordinance can be punished by a fine of up to $500. You can find a copy of the complete ordinance at this link. ​By the way, the HOA doesn't have the ability to enforce violations of the county ordinance. That's up to the county.

Meanwhile, we urge fireworks users to be courteous to neighbors in terms of when and how they discharge fireworks and to clean up their debris.

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Thanks & have a great summer. Steve Shirley, President & Terry Atwood, Treasurer



Treasure State Acres boasts one of Montana's best displays of Christmas tree lights (IR photo)

Large, popular park